• The ADF has given me a career,
                                  rather than a job. It's given me
                                  control over my direction in life
                                  and allowed me to be part of
                                  something bigger than myself.
  • The Australian Defence Force has
                                  always made me feel truly welcome,
                                  has afforded me many great
                                  opportunities and has appreciated
                                  the diversity of the knowledge that
                                  i bring to the team.
  • I'm interested in the opportunities
                                  the new aircraft being introduced
                                  offer me job wise in the future.

One Year Roles

The Army is now offering a range of jobs with only one year of commitment required. You could be doing anything from organising Army hardware, like Abrams Tanks and parachutes, to driving some of the most advanced transport vehicles in the world. There are a range of diverse and challenging roles available, so whatever direction you want to take, you'll find a one-year role that's right for you.

Over 12 months you'll be paid to work in your chosen role. First you'll complete basic training, including physical training, weapon handling, first aid and field craft. You'll then continue to learn on the job as you're immersed in the active Army lifestyle. Working on challenging projects with a close team, you will make friends you'll keep for life. What's more, you'll be getting a competitive wage and great benefits like full medical cover and you may be eligible for rental assistance.

After completing the year, you can choose to continue your career in the Army or use the skills you have learnt during your training to secure a civilian job. Your role may accredit you with a recognised certificate so you'll never feel locked into your Army position.

Trial trades

The following trades can now be entered on a trial one-year initial minimum period of service:

  • Supply Coordinator
  • Driver Transport
  • Administration Clerk
  • Operator Movement
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Military Police
  • Cargo Specialist
  • Cook
  • Air Dispatcher
  • Groundcrewman Mission Support
  • Clerk Finance
  • Dental Assistant

Next Steps

Applying for a One Year Role is simple. All you need to do is complete your job application online. To get started, find a job you're interested in and click the 'Apply Now' button. Enter your details and then select a YOU Session to attend at your nearest Defence Force Recruiting Centre.

Learn more about One Year Roles

Priority Job
Maritime Aviation Warfare Officer

Looking for a high flying career? Well here is your chance to rise to the top in a helicopter as an expert in warfare, navigation and weapons systems.

Priority Job
General Service Officer

As a General Service Officer in the Army your training will prepare you to lead troops in either full or part-time roles.

Priority Job
Aerospace Engineer Officer - Electronics

An excellent opportunity to be part of a large Australian organisation responsible for the maintenance of aircraft electrical and electronic systems.

See Australia and the world. A career in the ADF can provide you with travel opportunities you won't find in many other jobs.