• The ADF has given me a career,
                                  rather than a job. It's given me
                                  control over my direction in life
                                  and allowed me to be part of
                                  something bigger than myself.
  • The Australian Defence Force has
                                  always made me feel truly welcome,
                                  has afforded me many great
                                  opportunities and has appreciated
                                  the diversity of the knowledge that
                                  i bring to the team.
  • I'm interested in the opportunities
                                  the new aircraft being introduced
                                  offer me job wise in the future.

Welcome to Women in the Australian Defence Force

Do you want a challenge? Looking for an adventure? Want to make a difference?

From medicine and health, logistics, administration, trades, management and engineering, there is an abundance of roles for women in the Navy, Army and Air Force, some which you may not have ever considered and others that might surprise you.

Learn more about joining the ADF during our Information Sessions, held regularly around Australia. These sessions give you the opportunity to speak directly with currently serving women in the ADF in your local city. Call 13 19 01 and ask about our upcoming Information Sessions or visit our events page on .

Women in the navy
Women in the Navy

Explore a range of exciting roles and meet women working in today's Navy. You'll discover a supportive culture, new opportunities and a career with plenty of adventure.

Women in the Army
Women in the Army

There are a variety of careers in the Army for Women. Find out about life in the Army, fitness and get answers to the most common questions.

Women in the Air Force
Women in the Air Force

Explore the range of roles available to women in the Air Force. You'll be surprised where an Air Force career could take you.

Army introduce new core value

The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, addressed members of the 3rd Brigade on Thursday, 4 July 2013 about Army’s core values of ‘Courage’, ‘Initiative’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Teamwork’ and the introduction of the new value ‘Respect’.

New physical standards open paths for women in Defence

The opening of all roles within the Australian Defence Force is a step closer with Army about to complete its Physical Employment Standards Project review of all employment categories.

The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowdon, said it’s a significant milestone in the ongoing project and means that very shortly Army will be prepared to open previously restricted roles to female applicants. Mr Snowdon was addressing the first Australian Conference on Physiological and Physical Employment Standards in Canberra, organised by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and the University of Wollongong.

"The full review of more than 70 Army employment categories will be complete by month, including those categories which previously excluded women, but are now available to them," he said.

Removal of Gender Restrictions

The Minister for Defence announced on 27 September 2012 that the Government had formally agreed to the removal of gender restrictions from Australian Defence Force combat roles.

The categories of Clearance Divers and Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Officers in the Navy; Infantry, Armoured Corps, some Artillery roles, Explosive Ordinance Disposal Squadrons and Combat Engineer Squadrons in the Army; and Airfield Defence Guards and Ground Defence Officers in the Air Force will all be made open to women over the next five years. Women currently serving as members of the ADF will be entitled to apply for a career in a combat role from January 2013, provided they meet all the requirements, with direct entry recruitment expected to commence from January 2016.

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Priority Job
Combat Systems Operator

As a Combat Systems Operator, you are considered the eyes and ears of the Navy's Surface Fleet and will travel throughout Australia and overseas working as a vital part of the Navy's Maritime Warfare team.

Priority Job
General Service Officer

As a General Service Officer in the Army your training will prepare you to lead troops in either full or part-time roles.

Priority Job
Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller (Air Traffic Controller)

Full-time civil air traffic control is one thing, but military battlefield airspace control takes it to new heights not only in Australia but on missions overseas. Air Force Air Traffic Controllers are currently serving in the Middle East and Sudan.

The ADF provides vital humanitarian and natural disaster relief to communities at home and abroad.