Thousands of proud Australians serve in part-time ADF roles. They enjoy rewards ranging from tax-free pay to the satisfaction of doing worthwhile work that 'gives something back'.

Rewarding Work Rewarding Work

Rewarding work that makes a difference

In the Navy, Army or Air Force Reserve you'll support the full-time resources of the ADF in a fully-trained capacity. You may choose a role that complements and builds on your day job, or you may prefer something completely different.

Either way you'll be available for duty when your country needs you, and may get involved in fulfilling activities such as disaster relief operations in Australia and overseas.

Flexible Commitment Flexible Commitment

Flexible commitment and special benefits

The amount of time you commit to the Reserve will depend on the role and service you choose. In the Army you are normally expected to serve between 35 and 70 days a year, whereas in the Navy and Air Force, Reservists can serve up to 200 days a year.

In return for serving your country, you'll benefit from:

  • tax-free daily pay and allowances
  • expert training in your trade or profession
  • free food and accommodation when serving
  • free medical and dental on deployment
  • a team environment where you'll make friends for life, and
  • travel, adventure and memorable experiences.

Reserve Opportunities

Search for a rewarding part-time job, meet the people who serve part-time and discover what's expected of Reserves.