Women in the ADF

Across every one of our 200+ roles, the ADF offers excellent career opportunities for women. We champion gender equality and provide a uniquely supportive working environment.

Career Equality ADF Career Equality ADF

Enjoy career equality

In today's modern ADF, women receive exactly the same salaries, training, vocational development and promotion opportunities as their male colleagues.

We believe career advancement and rewards should be based on potential, effort and achievement, regardless of gender.

Exciting Lifestyle Exciting Lifestyle

Share an exciting lifestyle

Many ADF jobs have regular hours, giving you plenty of opportunities to socialise, spend time with your family, and make the most of the extensive sports, fitness and leisure facilities on base.

You'll make friends for life through memorable shared experiences such as supporting peacekeeping and disaster-relief missions and participating in exercises.

Find flexibility in the way you can serve

People who join the full-time Navy, Army or Air Force are commonly expected to work on a full-time basis. However the ADF has flexible work arrangements available such as the ability to work from home, work from another location or work outside your normal core hours.

With approval from your respective Service (Navy, Army or Air Force) and subject to service capability requirements, you may be able to work part-time to suit your current situation. Applications will only be considered after completion of recruit and Initial Employment Training, which will typically be several months after appointment/enlistment.

Support family Support family

Receive support for family needs

ADF parents are given the support to manage their family commitments without detriment to their careers, including flexible working arrangements, maternity/paternity leave and 'on hold' career options. We also provide substantial housing subsidies and may assist with:

  • childcare
  • schooling requirements
  • additional health support for dependents in regional posting locations
  • leave and financial assistance to help with home moves
  • partner employment assistance, and
  • programs for settling into a new community.

Fitness Fitness

Be paid to keep fit and healthy

It's important for ADF personnel to be fit enough to carry out their duties effectively, so keeping fit will be an integral part of your job.

On most bases you'll have access to a wide range of team sports along with swimming pools and well-equipped fitness facilities.


These flexible enlistment pathways have been developed with the needs of female candidates seeking full-time roles in mind.



Recruit When Ready is for you, if you demonstrate high potential when interviewed and are keen to join as soon as possible.

  • Lets you start at a time that suits your personal circumstances
  • Open to all General Entry roles


Recruit to Area is for you, if serving in a specific location is a high priority for reasons such as family commitments.

  • First posting near your home or desired location
  • Open to all General Entry (non-technical) roles
  • Available for first posting, after completion of recruit and initial employment training


The Army Pre-Conditioning Program is for you, if you have all of the attributes we're looking for but fall short on the fitness levels required.

  • Gets you to the fitness level required for recruit training
  • 7-week course in Kapooka NSW
  • Can be combined with other pathways

Candidates must achieve a fitness level of 4 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 6.1 on the beep test.

Join with a Shorter Commitment

This is for you if you want to experience life in the Army but are concerned about the number of years you have to commit to.

Roles available with just a two-year commitment:



A two-year role is for you, if you want to experience life in the Navy but are concerned about the number of years you have to commit to. Jobs available are:

Air Force

Graduate Pilot Scheme (Female)

If you're a young woman who has completed the first year of a Bachelor of Aviation Degree at Griffith University and are currently in years two or three, you can apply for our Graduate Pilot Scheme (GPS). To be selected for the Scheme you'll need to pass aptitude and fitness tests and successfully complete Flight Screening and Officer Selection. If accepted, you will join other female candidates of a similar calibre, receiving support, mentorship and companionship throughout the training programs. Following entry you will undertake Initial Officer Training, followed by Pilot Basic flying training and then Advanced Training.