Defence Technical Scholarship

Set your sights on a Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths related role in the Navy, Army or Air Force, and you could be awarded a Surface Pro tablet. 

The Defence Technical Scholarship (DTS) is currently closed. If you would like to learn more about what a technical career in the ADF could look like for you click here.

How it works How it works


  1. Apply for a STEM-related role in the ADF, with over 70 to choose from.
  2. Attend a YOU session.
  3. Receive a link to an application form for a Defence Technical Scholarship.
  4. Complete the form, answering two simple questions about you and your chosen STEM role.
  5. Be in the running to be awarded a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Twenty young people from around the country recently explored Defence training facilities as part of a tour to promote Defence Technical careers.


To apply for a scholarship, you must be eligible for a STEM-related role. See individual job details for more info.

general entry (49 jobs)

Roles require completion of Year 10.

officer entry (24 jobs)

Most (not all) roles require a degree to be taken.



how do i know if i am eligible for a scholarship?

You must be an Australian citizen and 16 years and 6 months of age or older to apply for an ADF STEM role. To apply for the scholarship you will need to attend and pass a YOU session including passing the aptitude test you are applying for.

I am not an australian citizen. can i apply for a scholarship?

No. You must be an Australian citizen to apply.

i'm no longer in school. Am I still eligible for a scholarship?

Yes. If you have an interest in STEM roles in the ADF, you can apply and be eligible for a Defence Technical Scholarship.

i didn't pass my you session. can i still apply for a scholarship?

No. You must pass your YOU session, and aptitude testing must show you to be eligible for a STEM role in order to be awarded a Defence Technical Scholarship.

i want to transfer to a non-stem role. will that affect my scholarship?

Applicants for the Defence Technical Scholarship need to preference a STEM role. If you transfer to another preference after you apply, you may no longer be eligible for the award.

can i be awarded more than one scholarship?

You can only be awarded one DTS scholarship. Additionally you cannot apply for both the ADFA Education Award and the DTS in the same calendar year.

joining the adf

do i have to join the adf if i receive a scholarship?

You are under no obligation to continue with the recruiting process.

am i guaranteed a role in the adf if i receive a scholarship?

No. You will still need to pass other assessments including psychological, medical and fitness tests.


when can i apply for a scholarship?

The Defence Technical Scholarship is currently closed.

how will i know that my application has been received?

You will be notified via an automated response that your application has been received.

how are scholarship winners selected?

Scholarships will be awarded in July 2018. The award will be sent to the address you provided when you applied for the scholarship.

what should i do if i submitted incorrect information on my application form?

Winners are selected on merit based on the answers to the questions posed on the Defence Technical Scholarship application form.