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See Yourself in the Navy

See Yourself in the Army

See Yourself in the Air Force

Experience the life and work

Meet some of our team members and learn what inspires and motivates them.

“It's just like a big family and we all watch out for each other”

Jordon, Navy

Communication Information Systems Sailor

“It's a very rewarding job, I get to go out and mentor indigenous kids”

Keegan, Army

Surveillance Aircraft Operator

“Being part of the next generation of modern warriors fills me with pride”

Tara, Air Force

Air Intelligence Analyst

“I see myself being a leader amongst my crew... someone to look up to”

Jorde, Navy

Boatswain's Mate

“I've pushed my limits and done things I never thought I could do”

Natalie, Army

Supply Chain Specialist

“I work with people from all different backgrounds, and different religions”

Bodine, Air Force

Airborne Electronics Analyst

Enjoy all these benefits

Rewarding well-paid work, job security and a great lifestyle are just the start. In the Australian Defence Force you can also look forward to all these extra beneļ¬ts:

Family and community support

Leadership opportunities

A supportive team environment

Opportunities to travel

Free sports and fitness facilities

Free medical and dental care

Subsidised accommodation

World-class training and education

Flexible ways to join the army

These Army enlistment pathways have been developed with the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in mind.

Start when it suits you

Recruit When Ready is for you if you've shown us you have what it takes, and are keen to get a job in the Army as soon as possible.

  • Lets you start at a time that suits your lifestyle and personal circumstances
  • Open to all General Entry roles

Choose where to work

Recruit to Area is for you if serving near a specific location is important to you, for reasons such as family commitments.

  • First posting can be near your home or another desired place
  • Open to all General Entry roles
  • Available for first posting, after completion of recruit and initial employment training

Build your fitness and resilience

The Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program is for you if you feel you may benefit from assistance with resilience, confidence and fitness.

  • Requires a minimum fitness level of 4 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 6.1 Beep test score
  • Can be combined with Recruit When Ready and Recruit to Area pathways

Prepare for a career in the Army

The Army Indigenous Development Program is for you if you show potential but would benefit from opportunities in areas such as your level of education, aptitude, health, fitness or resilience.

  • No minimum fitness level required
  • Involves completion of a TAFE Cert II in Foundation Skills

To find out more about these pathways, call 13 19 01 or contact a recruiter.

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