ADFA success stories

Hear first-hand from ADFA alumni about their experiences, their ADF careers, and how they applied the skills they learnt to their current roles.

Aaron Hudson

Army Civil Engineer

Career highlights

  • Currently GM Worley Parsons Consulting
  • Leads and influences around 3000 people
  • Launched two successful businesses
  • Managed $600 million coal seam gas project
  • UK Commercial Manager for rail/civil engineering company
  • Co-founder of software start-up

Aaron on ADFA:
"Someone with a degree is a commodity. Someone who can think, adapt, plan and communicate is much more rare."

Adam Garone

Army General Service Officer

Career highlights

  • Currently CEO and co-founder of Movember
  • Australian Special Forces
  • Mobile technologies developer and marketer
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009
  • Melbourne Business School Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award 2013
  • GQ (social force) Man of the Year

Adam on ADFA:
"Time at ADFA is one of the most influential and significant in your life. Make friends that last your lifetime, work hard and have fun!"

Brendon Bilston

Army Civil Engineer

Career highlights

  • Currently Joint MD Point Project Management
  • Worked on major dam construction project
  • PA to the Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence
  • Numerous industry awards including:
  • National Project Director of the Year 2013

Brendon on ADFA:
"It provides an excellent opportunity for learning, development and training; and sets your career on an accelerated path"

Chris Williams

Navy Marine Engineer

Career highlights

  • Currently Partner and GM H.I. Fraser Group
  • Helps run $30 million engineering company
  • Many overseas deployments including:
  • Exchange with US Navy

Chris on ADFA:
"ADFA is a brilliant start and gives you a number of life a solid platform on which to build"

David Fuelling

Air Force Aerospace Engineer Officer - Aeronautical

Career highlights

  • Currently Manager of Engine Maintenance Procurement for Qantas
  • Managed 80 Air Force technicians
  • Studied for a law degree while still serving
  • Worked as an Aircraft Trader

David on ADFA:
"Go for it!"

Malcolm Wells

Army General Service Officer

Career highlights

  • Currently a Liaison Officer to UK Army HQ
  • CO of 7th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (Adelaide)
  • Many overseas deployments
  • Worked as an ADFA Training Officer
  • One BA degree and two MAs

Sarah Johnson

Air Force Intelligence Officer

Career highlights
  • Currently Activity Performance Lead at BP
  • Responsible for quality assurance, control and fit for purpose training solutions
  • Deployed on major Air Force operations in Australia and overseas
  • Still works with former ADFA graduates

Sarah on ADFA:
"ADFA provides you with the education, flexibility, and skills to work with multiple organisations and to lead a team."

Simon Ottaviano

Navy Maritime Logistics Officer

  • Currently a Commodore in the Navy
  • Served in the Solomon Islands, the Persian Gulf, Hawaii, Iraq and Turkey
  • Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Australia
  • Certified Professional Logistician
  • Commendation for Distinguished Service
  • Commander Australian Theatre’s Commendation
  • United States Meritorious Service Medal